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The SABIC APPROVED FLANGES are the flanges manufactured and approved by the company of Saudi Arabia. The Nextgen Steel & Alloys is the incorporation supplying these flanges to all the corners of the world. We are supplying these flanges to buyers at very reasonable rates. We provide the best purchase deals to our esteem customers. The flanges are manufactured by SABIC from the best sources of mines. These flanges are made of the premium quality raw material. They are having higher working efficiency and long time durability. The flanges constructed by SABIC are having extreme mechanical strength and properties.

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SABIC Approved Ring Type Joint Flange, SABIC Inconel Flanges Exporter, SABIC Approved Slip On Flanges, Hastelloy Blind Flanges, SABIC Approved Cupro Nickel Flange, Nickel Alloy SABIC Approved Forged Flanges, SABIC Approved Welding Neck Flange, SABIC Socket Weld Flanges, SABIC Spectacle Blind Flange Leading Manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

The main task of the flanges is to connect pipes in a network of pipelines with one another and through other equipment. These flanges are made of stainless steel alloys thus they are having a smooth texture and shiny surface. These are having higher resistance to corrosion due to oxidation, reduction, erosion and moisture, and air. These are also resistive to chemicals and toxic gases also to high-pressure steam. It can also resist pitting and cracking and it can resist wear and tear corrosion. These flanges are also higher toughness and hardness.

The Nextgen Steel & Alloys also testifies the products before them to the customers. The flanges are have been tested by the hardness test, impact test, intergranular corrosion test, positive material identification test, eddy current test, bend test, and flattening test.

We at Nextgen Steel & Alloys are also supplying the flanges of different types and categories on the basis of the demand by the customers.

Differnt Types of SABIC Alloy Approved Flanges
  • SABIC Approved Socket Weld Flange
  • SABIC Approved Lap Joint Flange
  • Approved SABIC Slip-on Flange
  • SABIC Approved RTJ Flanges Dealer
  • SABIC Approved Orifice Flanges Supplier
  • SABIC Approved Copper Nickel Forged Flange
  • SABIC Duplex Steel SWRF Flanges
  • SABIC Approved Threaded Flanges
  • Approved SABIC Threaded Flange
  • SABIC Approved Weld Neck Flange
  • SABIC Approved Flate Face Flanges
  • SABIC Blind Flange Manufacturer
  • SABIC Approved SORF Flanges
  • Approved SABIC WNRF Flanges Manufacturer
  • SABIC Approved Industrial Flanges
  • SABIC Approved Threaded Flanges
  • SABIC Approved Raised Face Flanges
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