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Aluminium is a significant material that facilitates work in the marine and construction industries; nevertheless, its alloys are as important. ALUMINIUM 2017 alloys are among the market's most well-known and widely used aluminium alloys. All of the 2017 aluminium alloys moulded into sheets and plates are generally heat treatable wrought materials with a capacity for medium strength. It is significantly more substantial and more pliable than other grades in the aluminium alloy series. While resistance weldability and arc weldability are satisfactory, corrosion resistance is just fair.

According to reports, welding decreases corrosion resistance. Hence it should be avoided wherever possible. However, heat treatment can be done to restore corrosion resistance if necessary. Other methods, like resistance welding and inert gas welding, are also available.

2017 aluminium plates have mechanical qualities that can be produced at room temperature. However, similar to that, it ages harder in warm environments. As a result, it finds extensive application in sectors that demand primary goods like sheets and plates.

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These steel sheet plates are made of aluminium alloy and heat-treatable wrought alloy, offering decent tensile strength and yield strength. It also offers the flexibility of a more significant amount and thus can be designed in various dimensions.

The alloy has a good machining process; thus, these sheet plates have a good finish. These plates have good working efficiency; thus, they are resistant to all types of atmospheric corrosion and corrosive substances. These plates are preferably light weighted and are easy to carry in a more significant amount. These sheet plates have a higher level of toughness and hardness.

The ALUMINIUM ALLOYS 2017 Sheet Plate is the most delicate mechanical equipment used in industrial processing. Nextgen Steel & Alloys are providing these plates at a significantly lower and affordable price.

Standard Specification For Aluminium 2017 Sheet Plate

Specifications : ASTM B209 / ASME SB209

Dimensions : ASTM, ASME, and API

Thickness : 0.2~300mm

Width : 500~2500mm

Length : 500~10000mm

Tempers : O, F, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H321, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T351, T451, T651, T851

Surface : Bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, checkered, embossed, etching, etc.

Form : Coils, Foils, Rolls, Checkered Plate, Strip, Flats, Blank, Circle, Ring (Flange) etc.

Aluminum Sheet Plate Coating : PVC Coated, Color Coated, Polyester, Fluorocarbon, polyurethane and epoxy coating

Finish : Mill, Customer specific finish

2017 Aluminium Alloy Sheet Plate Equivalent Grades
Aluminium Grade European Standard BS WNr UNS ISO USA GERMANY (DIN)
2017 AW-AlCu4MgSi AU4G 3.1325 A92017 AlCu4SiMg AA2017 AlCuMg1

Differnt Types of Aluminium 2017 Sheet Plate
  • ASTM B209 Aluminium Alloy 2017 Plate
  • ALUMINIUM 2017 Sheet, Plate
  • 2017 Aluminium Alloys Tread Plate
  • 2017 Aluminium Diamond Plate
  • DIN 3.1325 Aluminium Rolls
  • SB209 Aluminium 2017 CR Coil
  • Aluminium 2017 HR Coil Supplier
  • Aluminium 2017 Strips
  • Aluminium Alloys 2017 Blank
  • 2017 Aluminium Flat Sheets
  • Aluminium 2017 Rings Exporter
  • ASME SB209 Aluminium Alloy 2017 Foils
  • Aluminium 2017 Circle Manufacturer
  • ASTM B209 Aluminium 2017 Sheet
Chemical Composition of ASTM B209 Aluminium 2017 Sheet Plate
Al Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Other Each Other Total
Bal. 0.20-0.8 0.7 max 3.5-4.5 0.40-1.0 0.40-0.8 0.10 max 0.25 max 0.15 max 0.05 max 0.15 max
Mechanical Properties of ASME SB209 Aluminium 2017 Sheet Plate
Material Tensile Strength (N/mm²) min Yield Strength Elongation in 4D %
ksi Mpa ksi Mpa
Aluminum 2017 55 379 32 221 12
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